June 4th, 2010

light of the world

Writing as praise

This morning as I finished my prayers, a thought suddenly jumped into my mind from out of nowhere. (Was the Holy Spirit at work?) The thought was, "Lord, use my writing for praise." I paused a moment, and repeated the request in my heart. Lord, help me to use my writing as a form of praise and worship.

I love writing. When I was a child, I filled each single space of my lined notebooks with two lines of text. The font changed color from pink to green to purple as it went down the page. Those notebooks were filled with sailing stories, characters from movies, and historical accounts. In college, my stories began to look more organized, but they only existed in skeleton form with random scenes fleshed out. There were historical fiction accounts, pure fiction stories, and writings based on themes. Atlantis, schooners, archaeologists... My characters were dear to my heart; flipping through old pages always brings a smile to my face. Then, my journal here has also been a place for writing daily scenes in prose, poetry, or something in between the two.

But in writing, I've found that I easily grow frustrated and tired. The stories are never finished, and even if they are, I'm tempted to keep writing more and more and more until I'm lost in my own imagination. There's a tug of war that goes on inside me - my love for artistic creativity and my love for straightforward godly truth. Can the two be reconciled? I think they can be. God is the God of truth as well as art.

Over the past few months, I've tried to direct some of my stories in a way that addresses more significant themes, but in doing so, I always seemed to step too far and get lost on a path away from reality. It made me wonder if I should abandon writing all together.

But now, I'm wondering if there is another way that I can use my love for writing - at least for now. Could I set my mind on things around me in daily life and shape words of praise to God? Rather than weaving complex tales, could I simply polish the words that are already on the edge of my livejournal so they glory in the beautiful creation of my God? Instead of characters in a book, could I turn my love toward my flesh and blood friends? (for they are precious in His sight.) Could my words take the form of Psalms and blessings rather than undirected artistic expression? This is something I surely want to pray for and explore :)