June 17th, 2010

Discovery right hand


Today as I sat beside my supervisor outside the meeting room, she said to me, "Well, our lives are going to change after today."

The change looks productive, but it may be quite painful. It will also mean that I'm in the middle of a major paradigm shift - the lonely lighthouse keeper for the approaching fleet. Like February, I either sink or fly - there's not any ground in between! So I tighten the cap on my head, take a deep breath, and brace myself for whatever change will wash over me. May God be glorified through this.
light of the world

Tabernacle quotes

Quotes from Tabernacle in the Wilderness by John Ritchie, c 1982.

"Turn to Exodus 1. Here we have a picture of Israel in bondage. They had no Tabernacle, no glory-cloud there. Like the unconverted sinner, they were slaves; they lived without God. Yet He loved them, and, faithful to His promise, He redeemed them. Exodus 12 shows their redemption. It was their birthday as a redeemed people.
"Next comes their separation to God. The Red Sea opened to let them out of Egypt's power, and closed behind them to keep them out of it for ever. They were brought out to be alone with God in the desert. Here is was, far away from Egypt's altars and its gods, that God came down to dwell among them." page 11

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