June 25th, 2010

john 10, sheep

Homesick again

On this morning's walk to work, a stinging sensation of homesickness struck me, just like last October. I was walking along the brick sidewalk, gym bag in hand, thinking in the lyrics of this song: "I am trying to understand how to walk this weary land..."

Home! Home! Where I am known by my family, and I know them, and I can slip comfortably onto the nearest sofa with a bowl of ice cream. When can I return home? When will I arrive at the Promised Land like Littlefoot in The Land Before Time? Well, that's when I begin to hum a new song:

I’ve questioned my reasons
This life I’m living...
I’ve questioned all the things
that I’ve ever called certain...

But the one thing I don’t question is You
You really love me like You say You do

(The One Thing - Paul Colman)