July 14th, 2010

standing woman with book

Modern way

"Then, the gentleman resided on his estate, and led his neighbors both in peace and war, setting before them for imitation his own light, feeble though it were. Now, he has abandoned the manly simplicity of this life for the luxury of cities, and his virtues and influence wilt beneath the baneful shade of idleness. The parish priest alone remains to sustain the cause of religion and education. It seems to me that this is the growing evil of our civilization...The welfare of the agricultural laborer imperatively demands the substitution of steam machinery on the plantation as well as in the manufactory. Yet this might end in establishing there, also, the regime of the capitalist, sympathizing with the proletariat only through wages grudgingly paid and thanklessly received." Notes on Spain and the Spaniards, J J Pettigrew, page 63.

Grudgingly paid and thanklessly received. Is that what the grey sky, grey buildings, and grey expressions reflect? (Ecclesiastes 2:22) The human face was not so carefully crafted so as to hang in dull despair; the faces of men and women were designed to reflect the shining glory of God! (Isaiah 60:1)