August 9th, 2010

Holy Spirit, Acts 1, flame

The Simple Spiritual Life

One month ago, during the evening service after my baptism, I was invited to share one prayer request with the congregation. I asked the church body to pray for me to have wisdom in how I use my time and to make wise choices concerning the use of my time.

This past weekend, I took Colossians 4:2 to heart: "Devote yourselves to prayer..." I want to devote myself to praying, making this the focus of my energy and my anticipation.

I also find that I've been much happier and peaceful when I spend time soaking in the sunshine of the word of God. It has a way of cramming out the worries and tensions of my heart and replacing them with good thoughts and good feelings. After enjoying a really pleasant weekend in the word and in worship, I feel eager to continue feeding on the Bible.

I want to simplify my life and fill it with beneficial, blessed things. I want to devote myself to prayer and the word, living powerfully in that simplicity.

Here are some more comprehensive notes and reflections on the pursuit of a "holy" life. Collapse )