September 1st, 2010

Milk and Honey, Comfort and Joy

Hebrew vocab from names 1

Today I spent some time learning Hebrew verbs based on names. I worked in a bit of a circle: I looked up some familiar names in the concordance, wrote out the roots on which they're based, and then listed these roots with the addition of the names as a memory aid. The only piece that's tripping me up is that the English pronunciation of the names doesn't always match the Hebrew. Here's my quick list of notes. I only included one definition for each root for starters.

Same letters
משה - to draw out (משה Mosheh)
יסף - to add/increase (יוסף Yowceph)
אשר - to go straight, be blessed (אשר 'Asher)

Same letters with the addition of a component
זכר - to remember (זכריה Zekaryah)
שפט - to judge (יהושפט Yehowshaphat)
ידע - to know (יהוידע Yehowyada)
שבע - to swear (יהושבע Yehowsheba')
צחק - to laugh (יצחק Yitschaq)
עקב - to supplant (יעקב Ya'aqob)
שכר - hire, wages (יששכר Yissaskar)
פתל - to twist/wrestle (נפתלי Naphtaliy)
שמע - to hear (שמעון Shim'own)
שאל - to ask (שאול Sha'uwl)

Same letters except ending
לוה - to join (לוי Leviy)
בנה - to build (בן -son as in ראובן בנימין)

Same letters except ending with the addition of a component
שרה - to contend (ישראל Yisra'el)
ראה - to see (ראובן Re'uwben)

Same letters, but not side-by-side
ידה - to praise (יהודה Yehuwdah)
ישע - to save (יהושוע Yehowshuwa)
ימן - to go to the right (בנימין Binyamiyn)

Nouns and other words
Adam (אדם): man, red
Shem (שם): name
Jonah (יונה): dove
Noah (נח): rest
David (דוד David, from 'dowd'): beloved
Jedidiah (ידידיה Yediydeyah): beloved of the LORD
Solomon (שלמה Shelomoh, from שלום 'shalowm'): peace