September 2nd, 2010

dwelling, tent, house, tabernacle

My prayer

if it be Your will,
lead me
    from a place where Your word
        is locked behind glass far from the hearts of men
    to a place where Your word
        is poured out like rain upon the hearts of men (Is 55:10-11)

I leave this all in His hands,
    sitting at His feet,
    resting in His Sovereignty,
    rejoicing in His love,
    eager for His response,
    thankful for His peace,
    yearning for home,
    and studying my Hebrew vocabulary :)

Rather than abandon all my education in pursuit of a new field (like O&M), I've found an eagerness to sling this backpack of information science and foreign studies back over my shoulder for a new task: supporting the work of translating the precious words of life for those who do not yet have them.