November 11th, 2010

Peer over

Eye Exam

I'm sitting here with dilated eyes and black plastic sunglasses O.O

I had some interesting eye tests done today. First, the eye doctor put drops in my eyes and checked the pressure. Pressure was higher than normal, around 23. Next, he did a scan to check the thickness of the cornea (?). They were about average thickness, somewhere around 551 microns, I believe. After this, I went to a different room to get pictures taken of the optic nerve. The pictures showed that the nerve is ok. While there, they also checked my field of vision using this machine where little fuzzy line bars popped up within my field of vision and I used a clicker to signify that I could see them. I was growing a little bit tired and ancy at the end, and the eye doctor somehow could tell that from the test. Oops!

All these glaucoma tests came back with good news - I don't have glaucoma. I'm very thankful! I do have ocular hypertension and a family history of glaucoma, though; so the doctor scheduled my next annual glaucoma test.
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