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Croatian Walking Tours

I figue, since this is a journal for anything, I would make a series of entries entitled: Croatian Walking Tours. These would merely be meandering descriptions based on my experience in Croatia. So, just like a pan view through writing of what it would be like to be walking all over the country. Sound interesting? Maybe not, but I ensure you it is more interesting than it may sound. But, I don't have any ready to post up yet..I will start as soon as I finish studying my Chinese Art History notes and Biology stuff. That may last me till tonight!

BTW, where is Frodo-kun?!?!?! Why is far shipping so much faster than West Milton->Gettysburg shipping?!? YARGgggggrrrr. That ticks me off.
Anyway, hope to share all my colorful Croatian memoirs later then - and also I will post when I get Frodo-kun. Till then...*sigh*

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