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Can't sleep - explanation of Anipov

Well, I can't sleep; and though I haven't been around online hardly at all, I wanted to post just a bit more...Maybe once I finish I will be sleepy. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow - sadly, no time for my computer. ;_;

I finally - finally! - got rid of my brown & pink lj text layout and got a grey-theme. It's about time!^^ My lj seems much refreshed. I guess the picture of the Russian mountain helps it a little. I was hoping all the dark colors wouldn't make it *too* dark, but I think it worked.

Don't ask me why Pasha has been my latest obsession :p Mom noted tonight how odd my taste in favorite characters is. Whoops. lol. But I've been a fan of Pasha since Croatia! I have waited many years before finally rekindling my obsession and acting on it by buying the movie :3 Mmm revolution.


I appologize to people I owe emails, IM chats, and lj comments to :\ This winter I've been trying to spend as much time as possible with my family because it may be the last Christmas like this... That and the fact that I was so sick...I'm still not feeling myself. Gah, I feel cruddy right now ~_~ I give up. Time to try to sleep.

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