January 9th, 2011


От Иоанна

В начале было Слово, и Слово было у Бога, и Слово было Бог. (От Иоанна 1:1)

This is sort of random, but I like that the Russian names of the Gospels are shortened to "Of John" and "Of Matthew" etc. In English, the names "John" and "Matthew" make it sound like the books are just about those people - at least, that's how it seems to me at first glance.
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Sunday at home sick, language study?

I've been fighting germs the past couple of days.

Today I woke up feeling exhausted, stuffy, and icky. I spent the afternoon drinking fluids, listening to the radio, reading the Spanish Bible story book, marking up my Rus-Eng NT, and listening to chapters of the New Testament. I enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate after dinner, thankful for the little blessings of life. Surprisingly, I'm feeling more alive this evening after having studied a chapter from my Spanish and Russian textbooks.

I'm still not sure whether I ought to launch into a serious study of a foreign language. I've been poking around with Russian, Croatian, German, and Spanish for a little while now. Spanish because so many of my co-workers are Hispanic. Croatian because I want to relearn what I once knew. German simply because I love the sound of it. And Russian because...well, I always wanted to learn Russian. I know I'm poorly talented when it comes to language, and I keep telling myself that this is not going anywhere, but I'm curious - and when I'm curious, I just run with it.

Lord, if You want me to learn another language, please make that clear to me. If not, show me how You would have me use my time. In the meantime, would You be glorified by this use of my curiosity, freedom, and mind - gifts which you have created and given to me in love. Thank you, Father. Amen.