March 16th, 2011

good news, city, kingdom of God

Saved - from what and into what?

I like how this commentary on Luke 1 speaks of salvation:

"Christ redeems them by price out of the hands of God's justice,
and redeems them by power out of the hands of Satan's tyranny,
as Israel out of Egypt."

I also liked Mr. Henry's discussion of what it means to serve God (Luke 1:74-75). It's behind the cut, along with the full citation Collapse )
Schooner Foam

Sometimes, just right

As usual, around 3 pm I grew rather drowsy. I began to consider whether I ought to spend $1.50 for a soda or $2.10 for a latte; but both seemed expensive, considering that I only had two hours remaining at work. So instead, I made some cinnamon tea and plugged in my headphones to listen to Sleepthief. Perfect. The tea glowed rusty in my mug and felt hot to my hands. The melodious sound of the music provided the current that I needed to cruise through some tedious report scheduling. Deep inside, I felt content with the moment and yet still eager to get through the work in order to reach the freedom of evening where I can learn more about God's good news through studying His word.