July 24th, 2011


Straight Key

I splurged and got myself a new straight key last week. Well, it's not "new", as it's seen a few previous owners, but I am now the happy owner of this Nye Viking Master Key.

It has a softer feel to it, but it's one solid key. The base isn't going anywhere even if I pound away at it! When I first plugged it in to the rig to try it out, though, I didn't get any sidetone. I panicked for a moment, but then decided to check the insides of the key. As it turns out, the cable had disconnected from the lower terminal. Surprisingly, the last person to wire the key had wired it with a coax cable. Bizarre! As I couldn't figure out a way to get the coax back in place without solder, I removed the cable and put a new one in its place. My Nye key now has a bright green stereo cable running over to the rig. I'm having a blast practicing with it! The J-38 hasn't gone far, but I think the Nye will be my trusty straight key for a long time. I am satisfied with this new addition to the station :)
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