August 9th, 2011

Schooner Foam

Daily Aug 2011

Since returning from PA, it's been a busy week and a half.

One of my roommates got engaged!
Attended a baby shower for a dear friend.
Enjoyed dinner at a neighbor's home.
Attended Tuesday Bible study and Friday community group.
Chatted with my grandparents on the 'phone.
Explored some books on SWL (shortwave listening).
Learned how one can operate a separate transmitter and receiver (rather than using a transceiver).
Finished reading Exodus and started Leviticus a-chapter-at-a-time in the mornings.
Stared reading Mark a-chapter-at-a-time in the evenings. (That's been a great match for Leviticus so far!)
Attempted a qualifying run for the CW proficiency certificate from ARRL, but noise interfered with my copy :(
Tried out more of the receiver functions on my rig while listening for call signs on 40m.
Read a short book called Shopping for Time and discussed it with a friend over coffee.
Still munching on cupcakes and brownies leftover from the engagement party celebration :)