August 24th, 2011


Earthquake - 8.23.2011

We were shaken up by an earthquake in DC yesterday, but for the most part all seems to be fine.

The shaking was strong enough to send my adrenalin level sky-high; but in spite of it all, I felt rather myself. I remembered the sermon on Habakkuk that I had heard yesterday - "Though the labor of the olive may fail..." I had a sudden thought of the ceiling collapsing, but remembered that my God is Lord of all - including the earthquake and the ceiling and all.

After the shaking stopped, we all waited to see what would happen. The alarm went off and so we evacuated the building. It was rather calm, though folks were not sluggish to get out of the building. We assembled in our regular location and then relocated to a more open area. We were dismissed about an hour and a half later. A friend came along home with me to call family and then we investigated the best transportation option for her to get home. Some of the traffic lights were not functioning correctly and the metro was running slowly for the sake of caution.

That evening, I met with two friends for fellowship and snacks on the lawn of the Capitol. We watched the sun set behind the Washington Monument as planes passed by on their way to the airport across the river. The sky above was clear and indigo blue.