April 14th, 2012

General Green

Fun reading

My bookshelves hold quite an odd array of material. There are first-person accounts of nurses and prisoners, lawyers and sailors (actually, a lawyer who worked as a sailor!). On the shelf above those are chemistry textbooks and Red Cross course material. Below them is a shelf of Christian books that cover both theological topics (such as the Atonement) and practical topics (such as money). Then, there's the shelf of Bibles, the shelf of Ancient Near Eastern history and Akkadian language textbooks, and the general history-radio-braille shelf. There are a few science fiction books on the upper shelf. It's a joy to be able to dabble in primary sources and secondary sources as well as simple overviews and graduate level academic texts.

Tonight I've been poking around the Akkadian and Hebrew language textbooks. I've been learning more Hebrew thanks to the local Messianic congregation and hebrew4christians.com's blessing flashcards. I may be able to pick up Akkadian where I left off last year, but it's still slow going since I don't have the work hours of the day to devote to language study. It still makes me sad to think that there's an Akkadian class within a 10 minute metro ride but I can't enroll because they meet during office hours... so close, yet! Guess I should stop complaining and review those verbs that I forgot since the last time I reviewed...hehe :) Someday, I want to be able to read documents that were written during the days of Melchizedek and Aaron. I have a feeling that their times, in many ways, are similar to ours.

The Akkadian letter called "Do not sit on a chair!" still makes me laugh :)