June 7th, 2012

talk with God

Recent Scripture and random stuff

Scripture on my mind:

-Shabbat (Isaiah 58:13-14, Hebrews 4:9-11, Mark 2:27-28)
-Job 19
-Zephaniah 1 and the topic of judgment - does the OT address the final judgment?
-Psalms of ascent
-Shemot (Exodus)

Little adventures:

-studied the Hebrew alphabet over lunch with a co-worker
-bought a Bible cover so my Bible will be more portable when I'm juggling a lunch box, tea tumbler, etc
-where does the Old Testament quote earlier OT texts?
-the timeline of Kings/Chronicles is almost ready for posting
-went to view the transit of Venus, but instead enjoyed a beautifully cloudy sky :) (Psalm 136:5)
-tried a new recipe: sandwich with cucumber, avocado, tomato, arugula, honey mustard sauce, onion - yummy!
-I might rearrange my room
-been cleaning and doing lots of laundry the past two days
-found myself needing to pray just because it's good to lean on the Lord
-roommates are requesting challah!
-another roommate served us by making cinnamon bread - mmm so good :)
-been drinking lots of herbal tea
-found a way to access my website bookmarks on my phone - hooray! bookmarked 2 Bible sites and a Jewish prayer audio resource
-picked up that book about Jesus' spiritual disciplines and learned about his knowledge of the Scriptures - make me mighty in Your Scriptures, too, Lord!
-want to get back into Hebrew lessons, but haven't gotten around to it
-maybe this style of post would be better broken up in twitter? haha