June 28th, 2012

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A familiar question

"what shall we do then?" Luke 3:10
"what shall we do?" Luke 3:12
"what shall we do?" Luke 3:14
"what shall we do...?" John 6:28
"what shall we do?" Acts 2:37
"what do You want me to do?" Acts 9:6

What first comes to mind? What do these passages reveal?

It also brings an old meditation to mind: (Busy - and missing the point)

A father left a child for a time, and the child was very sad to see the father go. Missing the father, the child stood by the door day after day waiting for Him. But, after a time, the child grew weary and distracted. He became absorbed in hobbies and soon forgot about his father. The father never forgot him, however. When the father returned, arms open to embrace His child, He finds him busy at games. The child says to Him, "Give me a minute, I am in the middle of something. I will come greet you when I am ready."

Ridiculous. Yet, isn't this how I live? "Hear, O Israel..." Deuteronomy 6:4-5

Or say, for example, that the father gives the child a task to do before He goes. He knows that the child can do much good while He is away, so He sends him off to do work. If the child works at these, but does not finish them before the father returns, the child should not feel guilty. Even though the child may feel he has failed by not finishing it, shouldn't he be joyful that the father has returned?

After all, where do the tasks end?
i kings 8, be with us

His voice

Praise the Lord for His word!
Praise the Lord for 1 Kings!

"...I am curious about Solomon and the issue of foreign culture/religion/practice...I decided to look into some things, starting with I Kings..." 2006-04-04
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Draw us near, our King, to Your service

[Revisiting an old meditation on a certain character]

When did it become disjointed?
The idea from the meaning?

She sits at a desk, headset on. [dah-di-di-dit] They all asked why she would bother with such an outdated thing. Why not toy with the talking kind of radio? This was 30 year old technology. But why not?

She sat back and stopped transcribing. It was all the same anyway.



The roof of the tent was flapping about in the sun so that the stripes themselves seemed to burn with light. The rest were all busy, all keeping busy; but only one was truly intent on the pursuit. That sincere eagerness, that simple and reckless eagerness. It was contagious.

She looked over at the screen. From it hung a few hats and an ephod. "But you are not one of the kohanim..."

[di-dah-di-dit] brought her back. Back to a troubled frame of a moment. What does one do when the meaning is taken out of the idea and the idea glorified before the eyes of men? Even if it is done as a curious, intellectual pursuit, it cannot be safe. What awesome powers were being handled? What was this that they sought to grasp?

No, she knew it. But... the idea alone is so appealing, so why not take just the idea and leave the meaning behind?


So many days had been spent sitting at the desk translating old manuscripts. The relics were examined and documented in such intricate detail. Such wondrous and beautiful things. Yet, were they all a vanity and a chasing under the sun?...

[dah-dah-di- dah]

And if they weren't all vanity...? What if they were even more beautiful than we ever imagined?

But in fearlessness will you go forward - forward on Balaam's donkey? You cannot see it. We believe that these things make us holy. But there is only one who can make us holy. Will you assemble your company against the LORD even as you seek His glorious service, Korah?

Will you, Rene?
What would you do?
Were the meaning put back into the image, what would you do, then?