December 21st, 2012


Approaching Christmas 2012

Christmas is quickly approaching! I'm still not caught up on sleep from last weekend, have had a sensitive stomach all week, have been very saddened by the tragedies of life and the struggles of those around me, and am chomping at the bit to get back home. This past week was quite busy and full of special Christmas activities.

I took a trip up to PA with a friend to see Jonah at Sight and Sound a second time. It was excellent and, as before, turned my gaze upward (Deuteronomy 9). We stopped at Friendly's for dinner and enjoyed delicious sandwiches and ice cream sundaes. Above my head, there was a photograph of a covered bridge with a gigantic hamburger inside. O_o? hehe it was fun! We returned to DC in time for church on Sunday and that evening I went to see a production of White Christmas with my roommates. The music and dancing was very fun! As always, the conflict and drama in such stories stressed me out a little, but there was a happy ending :) Monday evening, my small group met for an evening of snacks and socializing. It was fun to enjoy some relaxed time with them. Wednesday evening I made veggies sandwiches for my roommates for dinner and then packed my bags. Yesterday was a dark, rainy day, but I went to hear Handel's Messiah for the first time with two sisters in Christ. It was beautiful and the third part (a meditation on the resurrection) was so very encouraging.

"For now is Christ risen from the dead, the first-fruits of them that sleep." I Corinthians 15:20
Summer breeze

Unwind, Process, Recover

It's not easy for me to unwind. I just keep going going going, buzzing, spinning like a top, working without looking up. No wonder Robert told me that he felt the song Neon describes me: "She's always buzzing / just like neon." My system is constantly on the alert and finds it hard to slow down, process, and recover. But I'm human and need to rest, too.

If I have the luxury of time, my "slow down" activities include:
  • blogging about my experiences and feelings (helps me to process things)

  • listening to techno music (it's tuned to my tempo, helps to get my mind off "to do's" for a while, and gives me a chance to daydream beautiful things)

  • playing tetris (game B, level 9-5! very fun for a visual-learner)

  • tidying up my desk and bookshelves (ahhh, that always makes me feel better)

  • jumping around a bit (I need to get a skip-it or the Korean version of DDR)
Perhaps my new year's resolution will be to schedule more time for these types of activities - yay ^_^
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