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January 13th, 2013

Weekend activities

This weekend I...

-caught brunch at the local diner with a friend. I got an egg sandwich and peanut butter chocolate milkshake - yum!!
-watched more Star Wars deleted scenes and browsed the conceptual artwork
-wrote thank you's and new year's letters to friends and family
-ate a turkey and cheese sandwich with orange juice for lunch today
-played with my lightsaber :3 it's so cool!
-journaled along to some techno music
-slept in
-paid an overdue bill
-wrote a little story snippet in a series of short stories about a girl, hats, and my favorite places
-talked to the stuffed flu and told him he would get in trouble if he infected me :p
-snacked on wasabi peas
-prepared Bible study notes for Tuesday
-prayed throughout the weekend
-called my parents to catch up :)
-tidied up the room
-procrastinated on doing laundry
-poked around etsy and ebay

I write because...

there is a deep roaring and churning within. I need to see what is making all that noise. I need to walk down to the shore and allow the waves to lap up over my feet so I can separate out the layers. I need to take a sample and spread it across the sky for a better view. I need to give voice to the cry within.

In writing, I can take my time. I can quietly observe. I can sincerely reflect what I see. It's somewhere between image and word, somewhere between concept and confusion, somewhere between schema and discovery. Somewhere between. Somewhere unseen. Yet somewhere that is always with me.


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