February 28th, 2013


Flu, Work, Lego, Amos, etc

I got sick on Saturday with the flu (or something) and spent the next three days in bed. Actually, the first day I never even made it downstairs. Thankfully my roommate brought me some crackers and gatorade to keep me nourished while I battled the germs.

I got back to work on Wednesday and it's been like stepping back into a whirlwind. We have major projects, various code updates, reporting as usual, new users to train, new software to pilot, and paperwork paperwork. Ahh! "The Lord is my helper." Hebrews 13:6, Psalm 54:4

In fun news, I've been playing lego Star Wars and unlocked a whole bunch of fun characters - the "Rebel friend" from Leia's ship in the first movie, an Imperial Shuttle Pilot, lots of droids that beep at me, etc. Now I'm trying to get a million shineys so I can buy the ghost of Anakin Skywalker :P I think I've been playing too much lately, because when I see people walking around, they look like legos strolling around the Mos Eisley cantina... No, you can't run up to them and press the top button to swap out with them!

In exciting news, I've been feasting on the book of Amos recently. I feel like I've climbed up one ladder-level of understanding the broad sweep of Biblical history only to find a huge land of unknown details related to the latter period of the Divided Kingdom that I have only begun to explore :) I've poked around the first half of the Divided Kingdom quite a bit, as Priest Jehoiada lived through that period, but the latter period is much more complicated for me to grasp. Maybe it's because international relations play such a huge role in history and Scripture then. I need to finish that Kings Table sometime, but not just yet. First I have to catch up on rest and prep work for our upcoming 1 John Bible study.

And finally, I decided to go ahead and build a costume for the Imperial Navy Trooper. Yay!
Holy Spirit, Acts 1, flame

2013 Goals

At the turn of the year, a few of my roommates told me that they were setting their goals for 2013. I don't remember ever doing that before. My plans don't often pan out either because I get sick or I lose interest or I get caught up in the single-minded pursuit of something else before finishing. Most often, it's simply because I have no clear goals in mind as I pass from interest to interest.

For the first two months of this year, my "goal" was to do some kind of Star Wars something or other. That's been fun :) Now, it's March. I'm still working on my IN (Imperial Navy) costume, but I've also found myself sparked into Biblical history mode this week.

1. I want to investigate the "visitation" of God throughout Scripture. It's proving to be a fascinating topic! I think I'll start with a word study of "paqad." I'd like to read through the whole Bible with this concept in mind, but I've never actually read through the whole Bible in one run before. Maybe this year will be the year?

2. I want to finish that Kings table, but it's gonna take a while to do...

3. I want to learn more Hebrew. This one is a bit trickier. I progressed well in my studies when I spent 30-45 minutes every morning working through the textbook, but I haven't been feeling as well in the mornings this year. Maybe I need to get stricter about my bedtime. Or maybe I need to enroll in a class. Or maybe I need to take a different tactic and study vocab/grammar through a certain passage to keep myself more interested. I'm not sure :( I wish I lived closer to the Messianic congregation ;_;

4. I want to finish memorizing Zephaniah and start memorizing another book this year. This is just a matter of taking the time to do it. I also need to review Jonah, Habakkuk, and Nahum, as I've forgotten quite a lot.

Lord, I've felt so useless in my current church and so hopeless in this city. Make me mighty in Your Scriptures! Make me a prophet! Give me such joy when I spend time with You in prayer as when I dig through the Chronicles of the kings of Judah!