April 5th, 2013


Tomorrow's journey

Sometimes I feel like I "forced" a diagnosis of Asperger's syndrome. Sometimes I feel like I'm just "exaggerating" and that I don't really have autism. But then I remember how overwhelming simple daily activities are, how difficult driving is, and how sensitive I am to negativity and noise.

Lord, thank you for my diagnosis.

Tomorrow will be an adventure! It begins with an hour or so of house cleaning. Then, I'm headed out to pick up lunch and ride the metro to Virginia. I'll be looking at a condo out there. While there, I'm going to scope out the area to see what's within walking distance. Then, I'm headed up to MD to attend a friend's art show reception. I'm really excited about it because I've been eager to see her work on display :)

Now, seeing as the day will be long and I will be outside quite a lot, I'm taking precautions. I've mapped out my travel routes, checked metro and bus schedules, drew maps, and wrote down notes about each destination point. Along the way, I've marked out a few coffee shops where I can stop and rest. I don't want to carry a lot with me, but I think I'll be able to pick up what I need along the way. I also checked into the weather forecast and chose my outfit for tomorrow so I don't have to fuss with that in the morning. I'm going to take my cell phone charger along with me just in case I need it. I think that covers about everything?

I'm looking forward to this Saturday journey and to all that I'll experience along the way :)

Edit (4/9): Well, I didn't make it to MD this past weekend. I ended up helping potential roommates move in and by the end of that, I was too tired to go any further. I was sorry to miss my friend's art show reception.

The highlight of the day was helping a French-Canadian couple purchase metro tickets and find their way around town. The weather was also so beautiful outside. God's work of creation is marvelous.