July 18th, 2013

holy walk, sandals


Last night I had trouble settling down and going to sleep. I was being pulled down by the weight of thoughts that I couldn't quite formulate about tasks from the week. Those activities had been completed, but I hadn't had a chance to get a grasp on them and throw them like skipping stones out into the creek.

It's as though I did five loads of laundry, dried it, dumped it on the bed, and then tried to sleep... There's no room to sleep! Even though the laundry is done and clean, it also needs to be put away in order to truly be called "done." I've accomplished a lot the past couple days at work, but my mind hasn't been able to process and file the experiences away. Even in my dreams, I was trying to decompress and woke up tired. But God is good and He gave me good things to look forward to in the morning :)

Ok, I'm short of breath and treading water, but I can make it. I can't keep up! but God can keep up. Lord, help!