December 23rd, 2014

the reason

Christmas time

It's been a fun and special Christmas week so far :) Matt and Shelby are home and we're having a really nice time resting, visiting friends, watching movies, and playing Scrabble. We just finished a game and my best word was probably 'Radon', but 'Bitty' comes in a close second :P

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I'm really looking forward to the Christmas Eve service at church. We sing Christmas hymns, hear passages read from Scripture, meditate on the reasons why Jesus left heaven to come to earth, and light candles. It's a beautiful time. Then, on Christmas, we have some colorful presents to open. I think I know what one of mine is... maybe a Pokemon game that I picked out :3 There are some surprises, too, so I'm excited. It's such a blessing to share this time with my family and remember the hope that we have for our eternal home.

Wynaut is enjoying the tree, too :)