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Time spent

Well, Sunday I made it to church and saw everyone. Dad had a good sermon - it was both complex (interweaving many themes and ideas) while also summarizing many basic beliefs. It was one to make one think. Then again, I say that and then turn around and forget the next minute. So fickle.
The rest of Sunday I got to visit my grandparents and the cats. It was nice to see them all and the cats surely have become quite friendly :)

Today I went to Slifer House museum to check up on my boss and the news. He seems to be doing ok - he teased me of course. *rolls eyes* I also got a copy of the Sloan pamphlet he'd published :D

Then, there was the choir dinner in the evening. I don't sing in the choir (of course, I am usually at college...) but mom does, and so we were invited. Everyone brought a covered dish and we feasted Pennsylvania-Lutheran style ^_^ Lasagna, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, etc... After eating we played a trivia game and a game like $25,000 Pyramid. It was fun!! I sat between Matt and Chris and they picked on me! Waa! No fair!

In my in between time, I've taken a break from Doctor Zhivago to practice my Russian and re-learn Croatian. It's not as easy as one might expect. Crud. But as it goes, I want so very much to return to Zagreb...Glavni Kolodvor...Jelačić Trg... Ahh, to follow the cobblestones up around the bend by St George, through the old gate, and up to the overlook that's across the street from the Tolkien Cafe. *shakes self* That won't be happening any time soon. Maybe someday though :) Mmm I have a few fond memories of that place and they have been rising inside me since coming to terms with the guilt I've held onto for these past 5 years. *sighs*

Silly me! ^_^ I plan to work on Russian & Croatian with the free time I have this semester instead of wasting time with an independent study for Japanese like last term. I will be lazy and drop back to 300-level JPN just for that :p *shrugs* I have always been a bit weird.

Lewisburg->Croatia->radiology->Gettysburg->hematology->Japanese->library work->museum work->cataloging. What a path! Who'd of thought I'd end up where I am? Now if I can manage to somehow get my degrees, get work, and settle down :3 But thoughts like this muddle my head!

*hugs plushie*

Ya know, I wish Pasha Antipov were my teacher!

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