April 7th, 2015

Discovery right hand


It's a busy and blessed time.

On April 1, I accepted a job at Susquehanna University. This is an answer to prayer and I'm so thankful! I had been asking God for a good, local job ever since I moved back to PA last July. In the meantime, God provided me with continued work for the Library. On my birthday, this IT job opened at SU and I applied for it the following day. I had interviews in March and am scheduled to begin work the Monday after my brother's wedding. The timing couldn't be better. I'm in awe of God's kindness to me in this and I'm looking forward to this new start back in my home state of PA!

This week, I'm finishing my part-time work for the Library and prepared my paperwork for Susquehanna. We also celebrated Resurrection Day on Sunday! We were reminded of the good news that Jesus' death had a real affect - that of taking our sin upon Himself as well as our punishment and death. And then God raised Jesus from the dead! He lives forever now and promises that those who believe in Him and follow Him will also be raised to be with Him at the last day. In His death is my death and in His life is my life. This is news not just for one day, but for every day! And that truth endures from generation to generation.

This coming weekend, our church is celebrating its 20th Anniversary. We're going to celebrate by gathering together to eat, share stories, see a chalk art message and hear a gospel concert. Twenty years ago, people from our church wondered what we could do, since the leaders were telling us that the Bible wasn't really the authority for our lives and that we needed to catch up with culture. But we knew that the Bible was the truth and the only authority for our lives, so we left and formed a new congregation called New Hope. Praise God for sustaining us and teaching us and helping us to grow in His grace.

The following weekend, my brother is going to be getting married! I'm so proud of my brother and how he has persevered through challenges and worked so hard. And I'm really happy that he found someone who loves him and wants to commit herself to him, and he to her :) Since I only have one brother, this is a really special time and I'm excited to celebrate it with my family!

There are lots of other things going on these days - preparations for these events, watching Brisco County Jr, eating Cadbury eggs, bird watching, visits with family, cleaning the house, organizing my work clothes, the start of baseball season, laughing with Bugs Bunny, refining my Star Wars costumes, practicing driving. It's been really busy, but good :)
navy trooper sketch


Understanding a character's motivation can be confusing for me. I still remember how confused I felt when I read a book in middle school about writing fiction and it said that a character's motive is a key element defining their personality and actions. Huh? I charted out my characters with the usual hair color, eye color, job, religion, favorite things. Motive was never on the chart and I didn't really understand how to include it.

A while ago, I tried to draw an idea map for a Star Wars character. It was interesting to try and describe his reactions in various scenes and to see an overall picture of his character. The script presented him as one kind of person, the movie novel depicted someone very different, and the deleted scenes and script drafts were different still!