May 31st, 2016

Ocean friends

Memorial Day 2016

This past weekend was a wonderful one together with my family. Matt and Shelby came to visit and we had a fun, relaxing time together :)

Mom made lots of delicious food - ham with corn and cheesy biscuits, baked potatoes, and fixings; chicken with mashed potatoes, gravy, filling, cranberry sauce; strawberry-pretzel dessert Friday night and brownies with ice cream Sunday night. We went to the Fence Saturday afternoon and enjoyed fish sandwiches by the river. Then we visited Pap and Gram during the afternoon. We played Catch Phrase, watched soccer matches, and Matt played a few rounds of NHL Wii hockey. We worshiped God in church on Sunday and Dad delivered a powerful message about God's love and Jesus' commands regarding our interactions with one another. After church, we rested during the afternoon. The weather was clear and hot, so we stayed indoors in the air conditioning. I hope it won't be long until we're all together again <3