June 4th, 2016

Peer over

Saturday bird watching

Spent a quiet morning bird watching. It's a cool, cloudy day here and the birds are chirping and flying about. There are also some squirrels around. I was really glad for the break from data processing this week.

Here are some photos of the birds and recent neighborhood sights.

finches.jpg turtledove.jpg
The finches were flocking to the feeder, as usual. They like to sit on Mom's spinner :3 The turtledoves came for breakfast, too.

azalea.jpg pansies.jpg
The azaleas and pansies were so pretty a few days ago! The heat this past week was pretty hard on them, though. A friend gave us some purple iris to plant, and they are looking well :)

bluebird.jpg babyrobin.jpg
The bluebird is guarding his house in the backyard. The baby robin that we discovered last night hopped past the door, paused and looked up at me and "chirped!" this morning. So cute :3

mockingbird.jpg songsparrow.jpg
In the front yard, the mockingbird was singing, mimicking seagulls, crows, killdeer, and all sorts of things. hehe! We also have a friendly song sparrow who likes to sit on the wire and say good morning :)

sunsky.jpg sunset.jpg
The skies today are cool grey, but here are some other recent views of the sky.