July 30th, 2016


Melodic Dubstep

It's been a busy July. Last night, I decided to rest and listen to music. I loaded an old favorite, "Beautiful Things", and then stumbled onto this song:

This style of music was new to me, but I loved it! I learned that it's called dubstep. Like techno, dubstep has distinctive beats and can have vocals or be instrumental. There are features that make it quite different from techno, though. The songs that I found were more relaxing and melodic. In particular, I found that I liked a lot of the songs that were made by a musician called Blackmill. The combination of the music and graphics on YouTube were peaceful, relaxing, and just what I was looking for this summer.

I hear that dubstep was developed in the late 90's/early 2000's, right around the time when I was getting into techno. I think I've discovered a new favorite genre of music. :) Here's a playlist of more.
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