November 21st, 2016

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Essential Oil Notes 1

Cedarwood Oil - I've been using one drop about once a day at work. I mix it in a few drops of carrier oil (avocado oil for me) and then rub it on my wrists or ankles or hands. It feels stabilizing and clarifying. It's like a little breeze after I've spent hours at my desk.

I recently learned that cedarwood oil is an anti-septic. Hydrogen Peroxide is also an antiseptic, which is what I've always used to clean wounds. When my skin starts to get funny, I've used a drop of cedarwood oil diluted in avocado oil and dabbed it lightly on. It doesn't sting like hydrogen and it's not as overpowering as lavender, but it has kept my skin clear. Wow :D

Ylang Ylang and Frankincense - I've been using these at night. Ylang Ylang is a very sweet scent. It reminds me of the Shanghai Orchid tea blend that Teavanna used to carry or like magnolia flowers. It's a thickly sweet smell. I mix a drop of that in the carrier oil and then rub it on my feet. It doesn't burn or sting at all - it's very soothing. The smell is very sweet, though, so I usually follow with a drop of Frankincense. It has a sophisticated, gentle scent and it tones down the florals. The two together are a lovely combination and easy on the senses. Then it's zzzzz time.

Adirondack Aromatherapy's Mermaid Blend - Sometimes, I'm not in the mood for sweet. Sometimes I feel all-a-clutter and need to decompress. On those days, I've tried using a blend that includes rosemary, cypress, and other ingredients. I mix one drop of that with the shea butter and rub it on my feet. The scent is very deep, rich, and helps me to process.

I noticed something odd when I use this blend. I usually put a dab of shea butter in my palm and then a drop of the oil blend, and mix these together in my hand. In a very mild way, it feels like it's burning a hole in my hand. However, when I rub it on my feet, I don't feel anything particular. It just feels like hand cream :P I thought this was odd, especially since it's only one drop diluted in a blob of plain shea butter. I did a little research and found out that rosemary detoxes the body and is especially effective on the liver and gall bladder. Then I looked up the pressure points on the hand and found that the liver and gall bladder are right in the palm of the hand! No wonder - it must have been short-circuiting my system and kick starting my liver/gall bladder into action when I drop it in my hand like that O_o I think I'll mix them in a dish instead :) I want my body to detox, but I want it to do so gradually.

Geranium - In my last post about essential oils, I mentioned that the geranium oil makes my throat feel a bit tight when I use it. I can only use a smidgen at a time. I learned that geranium oil is an astringent. It tightens the skin and helps to stop bleeding. Maybe that's why it made my throat tighten up as well?

By the way, I arranged to attend a local workshop about essential oils next week. I'm looking forward to it!