February 4th, 2017

dark elf

Shiväisith Guides

Recently, I've gotten caught up in the Dark Elf language, Shiväisith. I assembled two study guides for reference. The first one is a compilation of posts that the language author has made on Tumblr. The second one is a transcript of the lines that are spoken in Thor: The Dark World. Time to learn :D


Grammar Guide: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ceZ9mrQbWoWDhHVnZ4ek1Ta2M/view?usp=sharing

Movie Lines: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4ceZ9mrQbWoWFZKTEdReHh1ZXc/view?usp=sharing

Dune / Children of Dune / Thor / The Dark World


Ever since I learned that the same composer arranged the soundtracks for Children of Dune and Thor: The Dark World, I've been noticing similarities between the two stories:

-Blue-on-blue eyes (fremen and dark elves)
-Desolate landscape (Arrakis and Svartalfheim)
-Stillsuits (fremen wear them to conserve water in the desert) and elf survival suits (the black suit under their armor, which they wear due to the harsh conditions on their world)
-Lady Jessica and Frigga (the main characters' mothers who are very intelligent, brave, and mystical)
-Powerful liquids ("water of life" and the Aether)
-Very beautiful, sad scenes involving the deaths of Chani and Frigga (the music, wow <3)
-Beautiful use of light and dark
-Grand citadels, a central imperial hall, decorative pillars
-Travel between worlds requires the use of a person with special mental powers (Navigators / Heimdall)
-Fremen / Dark Elves are a formidable enemy
-Fremen / Dark Elves each have their own language
-Fremen / Dark Elves desire to restore their nations and world terrain
-Alia / Loki