March 16th, 2017


Pokemon Journies

Celestial Tower (music) Climbed to the top of Celestial Tower. Space, quiet, clouds, the bell, a little place and time of respite. Met a Beheeyem at the top of Celestial Tower. Shared a Pokepuff and tried talking to it, but it didn’t know English. Murkrow was curious. I showed it the research that I was doing on ancient pokedexes and inscriptions. As evening drew near and the horizon grew indigo and the stars came out, decided that it was time to go. Invited Beheeyem to come, but it didn’t. As we went back down the tower, we were attacked by a group of Litwick. Beheeyem rescued us from them by using Signal Beam to confuse them and allow us to escape. Beheeyem came with us and decided to stay with us :)

The next day, we checked the pokedexes for entries about our new friend. It didn’t say a whole lot - there was still a lot of mystery. Beheeyem flashed its lights and tried to communicate, so we gathered some crayons, grid paper, and started to write out what it was saying. We started with easy words - cupcake, tower, etc.

Driftveil Drawbridge (music) If you approach from the east, you cross a long steel drawbridge. While walking across the bridge, you can sometimes find feathers that have fallen from great birds overhead. The music here makes me pause, catch my breath, and enjoy the rippling water below.

Driftveil City(music) Crossing the bridge, you arrive in Driftveil. A small seaside garden and sailboat statue greet you. It's a windy and rainy place. The homes in the city are small with cheery orange roofs. It's a port city that ships vegetables and other goods to the other parts of the country. There's a famous market in town filled with food, flowers, herbs, incense, fresh milk, and other items. Ships bob up and down in the waters out near the lighthouse. At night, you can see lanturn offshore glowing in the dark sea. There's also a mine nearby where the Ground-type Gym Leader can be found. If you take the elevator down, you see the multi-layers of the soil and gems buried in the deep earth. I imagine staying at a B&B here falling asleep to the sound of the waves at night.

Geosenge Town in Kalos (music) We traveled to Geosenge Town in Kalos to review some inscriptions and stone artifacts at the library there. We walked around the stones outside and sat there in the sunshine while kids roller skated around. Our hotel room at Hotel Marine Snow was comfy with a view of the seashore beyond the last row of houses. Breakfasts were delicious.

Coumarine City (music) We traveled from there to Coumarine City, where we shopped for incense, took a boat ride, and rode the monorail. At our hotel, we watched the lighthouse and listened to the waves at night.