May 2nd, 2017


Furfrou this year

Last year at this time, almost to the day, I posted about Furfrou.

I also took pictures of where you can see them in X/Y. Wild furfrou can be found near Lumiose City. My favorite is the one in Coumarine City, whose owner gives you the white Silk Scarf. It's a quiet harbor town with cobblestone streets and white boats bobbing up and down in the water.

This past Sunday, we met a poodle and his owner in the church neighborhood. He was very friendly and soft :) I was thankful for this "one-time, one-meeting" (一期一会). *hugs fluffy*

Why was Judah judged?

We're beginning a study of Jeremiah and Ezekiel at church and I started reading through the first few chapters. Tonight I'm in chapter 2 of Jeremiah. God is giving the prophet a message for the nation of Judah. He is going to judge them for their sins. What sins? Here's a list from this chapter:

-God's people have gone far from God, turned their back to God (verse 5, 13, 17, 27, 31)
-They did not seek Him (verse 6)
-The priests didn't seek Him (verse 8)
-The people who handled God's law didn't know Him (verse 8)
-The rulers transgressed (verse 8)
-The prophets prophesied by false gods (verse 8)
-They did not fear God (verse 19)

-They forgot about God days without number (verse 32)
-They didn't think about how God saved them from Egypt, let them through a dangerous wilderness, and brought them into a good land (verse 6-7, 17)
-They defiled His land (verse 7)

-The prophets sought unprofitable things (verse 8, 33)
-They exchanged God for things that don't profit (verse 11, 13)
-They followed idols (verse 5, 20, 23, 25, 27, 28)

-They promised to obey God, but broke their promise (verse 20)
-After sinning, when they got in trouble, they asked God for help (verse 27)

-They taught others to sin (verse 33)
-They shed innocent blood (verse 34)
-They didn't even try to hide their sins (?) (verse 34)
-They claimed to be without sin (verse 35)
-They changed their ways again and again (verse 36)
-They trusted in other countries rather than God (verse 37)

Lord, give us a humble spirit and incline our hearts to You so we will seek Your face and delight in Your law <3