July 7th, 2017

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An Aspergirl's Favorite Clothing


I've written about the challenge of finding appropriate and comfortable clothing. But now I want to focus on some positive experiences - clothes that I like and feel good wearing :)

Hats. I love hats. They keep my ears warm and create instant style. Also, this is may be the one article of *vintage* clothing that I can wear and still look in-step with current culture. Whether it's a beret, newsboy cap, fur hat, cloche - old or new - they work! Sometimes, I've gotten hats as an outward expression of special interests - a fisherman's cap, birding hat, etc. Other times, I've received them as gifts from my family. I've been wearing hats since I was probably 16 years old. They have such nice charm and character. Even if I can't be a 1930's archaeologist, I can wear her hat. And even if I can't go back to the 1860's, I can wear a kepi and explore the battlefield on bicycle and write poetry. Hats are an important form of expression for me.

Jackets. I also love jackets. I'm not sure why. They're comfortable and also come in many styles. I like jackets that lay straight - not too bulky, but have some weight to them. One of my favorites from college is a ladies' Air Force jacket. Nowadays, I like my Land's End rain jacket. But my favorites are probably my fall and winter coats - one is a type of wool peacoat and the other is down-insulated with a fuzzy hood :)

Layers. I've learned that I feel most comfortable wearing layered clothing. I think this may be related to sensory sensitivity. Temple Grandin often spoke about her squeeze machine - something she built to give her a sort of mechanical hug when she was going into a meltdown. Today, you hear about weighted blankets that are used by austistic children. The weight of the blanket somehow seems to calm them and helps them to focus. I think that wearing layers can act in a similar way to these, though not as strongly. Layers also make me feel more modest and safe and keep me warm when my thyroid is low.

Consistency. I prefer clothing that is a solid, smooth piece - no zippers, scratchy seams, knit items, etc. I prefer cotton, fleece, or other clothes that are smooth and less distracting to the skin. My skin already gets red and itchy from even slight irritations.

Hoodies and Pullovers. I thought these were just for cold months, but I've learned that they make lightweight ones, too! Hoodies are my version of an indoor jacket. They're so comfortable and cute and can be worn just about anytime (except work). And they're even better with hoods. Make that, hoods with Spock ears. Yeah :) Fleece pullovers are similar, but they're usually a bit more formal and appropriate for work or outings. The fun part about my blue fleece pullover is that I can wear colorful long-sleeved shirts under it. Layers and colors! :) This fall, I'm considering trying something new - a combination of a dark pullover and a white, collared, button-down shirt. The photos make this pairing look nice, but I have yet to try it myself.

Women's bootcut jeans/trousers. I got a pair of bootcut jeans while I was living in DC and I liked how comfortable they were and how they balanced and grounded me. I still have a tricky time finding slacks that I like, but I'm working on this one.

Sneakers. I love my white New Balance sneakers. They're so comfortable and accommodate my wide feet. This past winter, I got a pair of brown boots. I usually don't wear boots, but these made me reconsider. They're lined with some kind of soft material, but the outside is waterproof leather. I was surprised by how fond I was of them.

Dresses. When it comes to formal wear, I'm kind of picky. I like A-line dresses that are very simple. I have a solid black dress with white piping around the short sleeves and the rounded neckline. I have another dress that's solid grey - it's long and has a collar and a few buttons. Then, I have a pair of simple dresses, one is all white and another is a blend of blues, yellows, greens, and teal. They remind me of the dresses that Marguerite wore in The Hundred-Foot Journey. I like to combine these with a cute hat and a pair of flat shoes.

I'm sure that I'm missing some, but those are a few highlights of my favorite types of clothes :)