January 29th, 2019

Ocean friends

January 28, 2019

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday with my family *hugs* Here we are celebrating with bubble tea of various flavors - strawberry, coffee, and thai tea :) Matt treated us to dinner and then we played a game of Ticket to Ride Pennsylvania. I couldn't make my routes to Buffalo, but I still managed to get second place with some long tracks between Atlantic City and New York City, hehe! We caught up on stories, shared some laughter, I got extra fun presents, and we even had time to cheer for the US soccer team ^_^


We spent the next morning swapping IT tips with Shelby. I even learned some shortcuts that I didn't know before! We got Chick-fil-A biscuits for brunch :) Then my parents and I went to Elmwood Zoo - just a hop and a skip away...Collapse )