May 1st, 2019

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Bandicoot and the Vole

My animal interests of the day yesterday were two little mammals - the bandicoot and the vole.

Bandicoots are small marsupials that lives in Australia. They're the size of a rabbit and kind of look like a mouse. They eat bugs and plants. They have a long nose that they use to sniff out the food and they dig it up to eat it. They're rather solitary and nocturnal.

Northern Red-backed voles are relatives of the mouse. This species lives in wooded areas in Alaska and eats berries, grasses, lichens, etc. In Pennsylvania, we have a related species, the Southern Red-backed vole, along with 5 other types of animals from the vole family. Not many animals are able to eat lichen, so it was fun to read about this little creature :)

I was interested in exploring them yesterday because I was feeling kind of small, but not sad about it. I was feeling content and stable in my little role within the big picture. I'm one employee with my own load of responsibilities working at a university with a lot of different staff in various roles. I am one member of my church and of my family, hoping to encourage and support those around me. Every member is important, whether they're small or large.

The berries and things that these critters find to eat remind me to be grateful for all the little blessings that God provides along the way <3 It was an encouragement to pray and be content with the blessings that the Lord has filled my life with. Even though I'm moving through a big world, I'm still in the sight of God. He sees even the smallest ones and gives them delightful things to enjoy. He is also the Creator of all, the Creator of this world, the One who designed the tiniest mouse and designed me. I want to continue to grow more aware of Him, just as He is aware of me, and live my life in His sight to honor Him and bring Him glory.

Lord, help me to do this. I am so timid and fear-filled and weak and distracted. But you are great, powerful, truthful, and gracious. You provided a Way for us in Jesus <3 Help us to honor You and to live in the light of Your truth by the power of Your Spirit living in us. Amen :)