August 16th, 2020

Future Glory, Palm, Rejoice, Peace with God, Revelation

Dreams and Attitude

I've been having some vivid dreams the past two nights, even without cough medicine! The one last night brought to mind an attitude that I think I need to shift.

For a long time, I've had the attitude that I need to guard myself against outside forces that would change me. I feel as though I'm good and pure to begin with, and that anything else would just detract from that. But I think a healthier attitude would be to recognize that I'm not perfection. In fact, I'm kind of messy. But God knows that! He's graciously given me this life now as an opportunity to seek Him and to work hard and to allow Him to work in my life, to sanctify it and make me more like Christ. Rather than trying to guard against forces that would change me, I need to accept the transformation that God is trying to work in me. That means that I'll need to hop in and try and mess up and learn and grow. I need to be more humble and more willing to see my own messiness. It means spending less time pushing back out of fear, and more time hoping in the work of God and embracing experience and opportunity to journey with Him.

Lord, help me to grow in humility, trust, and hope. Help me to take advantage of the opportunity of this life to seek Your face and to grow in holiness, by Your Word and Your Spirit. Thank You for loving us and working in us, to prepare us to dwell with You.