September 11th, 2020

light of the world


Some wrestlings from back in 2012 - to know that Holy One.

"I've been wrestling a lot over the past two years or so with the 'Good News.' What is the good news? How do we know that our understanding is right? How do we celebrate the good news without turning theologies into nehushtan and loosing sight of the Living God? Where in Scripture do we find the good news? How does this relate to ancient Israel and God's earlier covenants? What does it look like to be a true believer in Messiah Yeshua in the New Covenant?

"I could easily print off a copy of someone's gospel outline or pick some verses that jump out at me...but my heart won't allow me. It challenges me - know His word! And I know the basic truths: 'I believe in God the Father, Maker of all heaven and earth...' But something inside me tells me that I have just scratched the surface. Dig deeper. Who is this God, Maker of all heaven and earth? Do I submit myself to His rule? And what of His plan of salvation? Isn't it deeper than a simple desire to avoid harm or gain lots of blessing? What is the gospel?

"Seek and you will find! O my soul, trust in the Lord! Lord, forgive me that I so often neglect Your word and remain in a place of selfish inaction. Teach me with the words of Your mouth and show me what is Your good news. Who is Your Messiah? And why did He visit us? What is Your plan for the end of this age? And what is your plan for me on Monday at 2 pm or any day, for that matter?"

Has the LORD God been guiding me along a path in the midst of the confusion? I believe He's been helping me to grow to know Him more as The Maker of Heaven and Earth and to recognize His love for me in the midst of this world. Lord, please continue to guide me and use Your servant according to Your good will.

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