November 18th, 2020

Minoan Doves

Morning and Evening

The Lord has been very kind to me this past week. He's been opening my eyes to see how anxious and fearful my heart is. And He's been quieting my heart with His love and protection (Zephaniah 3:17).

I've begun to pray the morning and evening prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours from home with the Church. It's really been a blessing to join in prayer, even though I'm still learning the structure, tones, and schedule for the different days. :) Even so, it's very peaceful and joyful to enter into these prayers.

I pray that the Lord will grow in me the fruit of patience. My heart tends to be very forceful, diving into everything too quickly and deeply. So I pray that this daily practice of prayer will allow the Lord to develop a more patient, gentle, and peaceful spirit in me. Lord, please continue to heal and grow your little servant. Thank You for Your wonderful love for us.

And may the Lord hear our prayers and answer us in the day we call (Psalm 86).