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Spring 2006 Registration day.

Registration day.
Well, I am crazy, but I am starting out with five courses and two jobs. We'll see how long I can last!

Today was so hectic!
Four thirty in the morning I woke up, along with evey other Adams County citizen. Most said they heard what sounded like stones being launched at their homes. I heard something of a train or hail of ice sheets. It was the wind and rain. It tore off a chunk of the siding on my side of Huchison House! The piece was hanging down and banging into my windows, waking me up.

Nine o'clock I took my vitaims and headed to the CUB. I got my textbooks and started "Out." It's not as long as Hogan-sensei made it out to be. And it's quick reading. At 9:30 I found Hogan-sensei and discussed taking JPN 304. I found the add/drop form upstairs and got it signed and registered. Then I sat to rework my library working hours. Takeshi found me and I ended up standing around the CUB 'till 11.

Then I returned to Huchison, told Laura & Reeves about the meeting with Takeshi at 3 pm and also called in a request to Facilities to fix the siding! Then I ate a chicken sandwhich at Servo and signed up for library work.

At some point, I realized I'd forgotten my umbrella! It was back to the library...I finally found Jim and we chatted while he was on break. He told me a funny story about a drunk couple who tried making out underneath the Christmas tree in the Gettysburg town square (circle) but they got stuck and had to call the cops to get them out of the tree! lol I told him about my experience seeing Lang's 'Metropolis'. Ah and I got to see the Japanese ceramics that are on display...mmm...pretty.

By then it was a quarter to one. I went to Breidenbaugh and did hw (studied for my Chinese test & read "Out") till the three o'clock meeting. The meeting was long and painful and in the end nothing was changed. Blah.

Now I have returned to my room...the hanging siding is gone - actually, a considerable chunck of the siding is missing...whoops.
As I sit here I am nervous about my schedule...

Speaking of schedules, here is mine: click to see
Classes are: Chinese 101 (everyday at 9), Japanese 304 (MWF 11-12), Japanese Theater (MF 2-4), Seminar (W 1-4), and Intro to Photography (T/Th 6-9 pm)

Now I must learn Chinese! And read more Out.
Off I go!

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