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Afternoon...meh! and website

I woke up this morning feeling kinda I laid back down till it was time for class. I atteneded Jpn 102 class, then assisted in the setting up of the display of Japanese ceramics at the library (on the main floor). They have a nice cha-no-yu hanging vase and some neat plates! Mmm Japanese glaze is so weird, but I like it sometimes :p

This afternoon I studied Chinese before reading another 50 pages of Out and then took a half-hour nap. It helped some. That and the fruit snacks- mmmm^^
I gotta get back to work, though! It's only the second day, but I have night class today and a test tomorrow ~_~ I think once I am past this whole transition period, I will be better.

But in my creative mood this afternoon, I set up a webpage to put Croatian memories, thoughts, etc. You can find a link to it here:

You know what would be nice? If I can finish that and my "Record of Japan" page sometime...and then do additional versions of them in Japanese/Croatian, respectively. Now that'd be coolness! Too bad I only am creative for a few minutes at a time (:p) and am neither fluent in Japanese nor Croatian! XD waaaa!
Anyway, it gave me something fun to do today besides napping ^_^

Did I mention that I am nervous about photography?...The only reason I keep messing around here is to try to keep my mind off of it! gah... *bites at lip*

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