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From Jelacic Trg (Square)

Zagreb is the Capitol of Croatia and is the city I spent the most time in while I was overseas. It has a lot of the things an city would have, but in particular contains many: parks, cafes, slasticarnas (similar to cafes but selling baked goods like cakes and ice cream too), movie theatres, and tram stops. They don’t have a subway, but a series of electric trams which run on tracks all throughout the city. From my bus stop (Zagreb-Velika Gorica) I could catch tram numbers 6 or 13 to get to Jelacic Square. These are changed now I think, though. My bus stop was also the site of the Zagreb Train Station Glavni Kolodvor and a mall-type shopping center. The Square near here was a very nice one with a lot of green grass called Trg Kralja Tomislava. The trams stopped right in front of this park. They were always crazily full, so sually, I just walked to wherever I needed to go. It was only about 5 blocks from my bus stop to Jelacic. In this Square, there was a Statue of Jelacic, who was a famous military leader from semi-recent Croatian history. Also, there was a tall clock – the common meeting place for many of us who were going café-movie-ice cream hopping for the day. Then, there was a small pool/fountain. The birds tended to flock here and swoop menacingly upon anyone sitting by the calm aquamarine water of the fountain. Once, a girl asked me for the time in English. I am guessing she wanted to impress me with her speaking skills, and I was touched. ^^

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