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I dug up my old short story about the two Atlanteans. :) I forgot how much fun the characters were!! Ohhh :3
The one is a vision-wandering haunted being, tall, with eyes of gold, skin pale, and robes of teal and white. He's strange...lost (in a manner of speaking) in the depths of the stone halls of the inner circle. And for the girl, she is my narrator and views this other with awe and fear. But she is also set apart from the rest of the people, isolated in her own confused awareness. Ahh fun fun stories^^ I'd debated getting the two together, but decided aginst it. Neither character would have wanted it, though they do share some special understanding...of DOOM! to befell their city! Waa!

I am editing it and might post it sometime. It'd be one of the only stories I have completed to date... Well, I did have one version of the story of Mr. Fleet (1912 sailor) and a story about a German around the period of WWII, but both of them were ages ago and the latter was just for class.

There's so many stories I have never neared completing!! The 'Aestalea' story never got done and the 'Phases' idea is uh in no paticular order at the moment. Oh and the 'Bamboo & Snow' manga/story...whoops. Are those the only stories I have to my name? That's kinda sad since I loved writing for so long!

Even if I forget about the stories, I haven't forgotten the characters ^___^
Fabia and Star'ton. Katzia. Akitsugu! One of my favorite little scenes was between two characters who shared a few quiet hours reading books by yellow lamplight one night before dawn. That would be Aodh and his friend. Poor Aodh! he died early on in the story in the capital... And Finn, my linguist who was injured aboard ship but luckily survived the war to become a historian (*cheers!*)...of course Star'ton is the main character and I <3 him, too^^! But since Fabia is chasing him, I will have to settle for Finn ^_~ *woohoo!* Finn is great - he is nice, but most people are put off by his eccentric behavior and multi-lingual speech :p (and he has grey eyes, making him cool^^)

Mmm why am I no good at finishing stories? :p

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