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[Edit: added translations^^]

今天是我的生日!我奶奶爷爷请我吃美国饭。我很高兴! (Chinese)
Today is my birthday! My grandparents are treating me to an America
style dinner. I am very happy.

今日はあたしの誕生日わ!私のおばあちゃんと おじいちゃんが ごちそうしてくれます。幸せ!
ああ、そうそう。二つのE-cardをもらったの。家族、クロアチアのヴィエコくんにもらった!協会の人も普通の「誕生日の手紙」(?)を送りましたが、家に(大学じゃなくて)送ったから、読めないんだわ。 (Japanese)
Today is my birthday! My grandparents are treating me to a meal! Happiness!
Oh, right- I got 2 ecards. I got one from my family and one from Vjeko
from Croatia! The church peope also sent me normal birthday cards;
but they mailed them to my house (not college) so I can't read them.

Oh, the Civil War's George Pickett's birthday is also Jan. 28th! Happy
birthday Pickett!

And people have been wishing me a happy birthday! ^___^** Thank you guys!!
Mom and Dad called and even my brother Matt & his friend talked to me on the phone - heehee!
Then Sarah came down to wish me a happy birthday and invite me to Pings!! *^___^* Thank you! I hope we can do it tomorrow :3 Speaking of Ping's and birthdays...I remember last fall going there for birthday celebrations (^^)- around the same time that Gravitation was introduced XD Ahh yes! It almost feels like September today, actually!! wow!

Also, at 9:30 my big surprise call was from Marilyn!!! XD HI-SA-SHI-BU-RI! *hops up and down* Ureshii~~ She will be traveling to NY (the East Coast) and hopefully when she does so we can meet up and 'shoot the breeze' :3 teehee!
Then, at 10 my grandparents from Newky also called me! Awww so sweet of them :3 *hugs* to them!
And last but not least, Claire-chan called!! XD It was fun chatting - better than AIM!^^ Woohoo, ne!

I feel so loved ^___^ Hontou ni ureshii!

And I must add here that the birthday cards dad made me are the best ever!! He made two - one with Frodo and one with General Longstreet! XD lol! I cracked up laughing! I still do everytime I look at the card :p
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