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Owww studying soo much!

*just finished Kafka on the Shore*
Reading this book has caused my brain to cry! I don't understand it at all!! Metaphors for what? Huh? *remains confused and dissatisfied at the confusion*
On the other hand, there were a lot of lines in the book I liked...

In other hw news, Japanese and Chinese keep piling up - 重ねて、かさねて! Chinese today was taught by the canidate and I enjoyed his class! We did tone practice but since he repeated the sounds for us, we were able to pronounce the words! :D It wasn't a bad morning - my grandparents even dropped off oranges at my back door (they are tasty^^). They did get me out of bed at 7:45 with a phone call to make sure I retrieved the oranges from the cold outdoors, but I just crawled back under my blankets and drifted into a half sleep for 15 mins while the heater kicked on....ahhhh

Japanese I got my test back and got a B, but considering how hard he makes it for us, I will take it! I didn't get around to my essay today for lit, but got a Noh play idea...Kaoru! XD I'd do Yugiri but he lacks "grace" and "style"^^ We watched part of Izutsu (a Noh play) today in class...Ariwara no Narihira...ahhh! So yugen, so pretty! So Heian!

In the bad news, not a single ILL book came today and Takeshi-sensei didn't like my idea for a thesis (but I don't care - I shall do it anyway >_<) Nothing shall stop me from studying the legends of Minamoto no Hiromasa~~ :p

Between the hw, the wimba recordings for Japanese, the novels for Hogan, there's the little things: remembering to eat lunch with the Chinese Prof canidate, checking email for ILL arrival notifications, recording tutoring hours, meetings, shifting work hours at the library, working on special collections rare books details, mail, banking, putting my laundered clothes away,...
Its hard for me to keep anything straight and there is no such thing as free time, literally!

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