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quick update...(or not)...Hiromasa research list

A quick update for tonight. [Edit: turned into a long update!]
I had a bit of a headache all night - which I am attributing to trying to over-do things. I am working especially hard so as to get home this weekend, but when my mind is in a constant stream of *work* from 9am-11pm, my head protests! As right it should^^

I got one more ILL book in today - Kokonchomonjyu (古今著聞集). It has two Hiromasa sections - one just sorta like a quick bio, his parents, birth, etc. The other is the story of when he was robbed!
Yep, he was robbed and all the guys left behind was his hichiriki (the whiny-oboe-instrument Hogan sensei complains about :p) Well, Hiromasa was at a loss, but sat down and played his hichiriki and the robbers were so moved that they returned his things! ^_^ Yay for happy endings!

The other particularly fun Hiromasa story is from the Jikkinsho (十訓抄).
This tells of when he was playing his flute out in the Heian-kyo avenues and a mysterious figure (dressed like him) played along. Hiromasa was surprised, but he enjoyed the musical company. I think they played many times like this. Once, Hiromasa asked to trade flutes and so, they did. It turns out, the other figure was a demon and his flute was special - marked with two leaves, one red one green (gagaku colors!) which were said to collect dew when the flute was left to set out. After Hiromasa died, others tried to play the flute, but could not get even a note out of it, except one person much later (I think?). The flute was called Hafutatsu 葉二 (two leaves) and was noted by Sei Shonagon in the Pillowbook, along with the Genjo 玄象 biwa! :D

(Oh, and I think one version of the story says that the spirit was Ariwara no Narihira?!?! But, my source says that this is highly doubtful, as Narihira-dono was not known for flutes, but for poetry!)

This story is in volume 6 of the Onmyouji manga and I will say it is quite pretty ^__^ I was confused 'cause the spirit looks like a young fellow - well, here, you judge: cover of manga 6

Unfortunately, most peope didn't think too much of Hiromasa in Heian times. One noble wrote in his/her diary that Hiromasa was lazy, and another noted that even though so many people praised his musical skills, he was just "average." Poor Hiromasa! :p

[EDIT: I put in my notice that I am on the lookout for Onmyouji 12 & 13 at my favorite used manga online store^^ *crosses fingers* I hope they act on that!]

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