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FRODO-kun says hi! *waves*

Yay! Between work and English Comp. I ran over to the post office to pick up my slightly damaged box. I didn't get back to my room to open it up till closer to four pm. But there he was, all bagged up and beautiful!! Frodo likes so far to sit on my lab and watch me im people. ^_^
He is so sweet: his eyes, feet, and hair are precious (and furry little feet too!!), his cloak is so cool - perfect! - his jacket and vest are right on and he even has pockets in the vest to hold the ring^.^ The brooch is nifty and his pants are so cute too. I love my Frodo plushie. I think everyone should have their favorite character as a plushie to love and hug - especially with Valentine's Day around the corner!!
That's about all I can say about it! I am enjoying the company and am ever thankful to Haruka Kou and Setsuna Kou! Doomo arigatoo gozaimau! *bows*

Here is my Croatain imput fr the day, more generals to give background for future random references:
Anyway, from the Square to the Old City, you could take one of two routes. One was directly via a narrow and high winding cobblestone street off the north-western corner of Jelacic Square. It lead up past deteriorating Century Old buildings until it met one of two sculptures of St. George and the Dragon which are in the city. The other is outside the Great Theatre, and shows the battle. This one, however, showed St. George sitting calmly on his horse with his helmet removed and the dead serpent beneath him. I always liked this one better. You turned left here, went up 2 flights of cement stairs, quietly passed through the Stone Gate – which isn’t even a gate, but more of a cave or tunnel where a shrine to Mary is set up and people go to pray and light little candles (NO FRODO _ NOT THOSE LITTLE CANDLES! :P). I prayed there once. After you are past you can see a very very old pharmacy on the left. Someone once told me it was the oldest in the city (from Renaissance times) but then someone else told me that was not the case. Either way. You keep going up..all these old streets go up, up into the mountain side. It is hard walking. At a point, you meet St. Mark’s Church. It was under renovation at the time – as was the Cathedral..but that is always under reconstruction after all the stones were replaced a hundred years back or so with some sorta soft stone which acid rain eats right through>.< St. Mark’s is famous for it’s roof, which is a large mosaic of colored tiles that show the design of the coat of arms of Croatia and Zagreb and some other stuff. At St. Mark’s, you can turn back leftwise I think, and make your way back towards the New City. Just a block or so away is a Tower from which you can sightsee the whole city. Just watch out! They fire a cannon from there at noon everyday!! It’s loud! If you are coming down from the tower, turn left and head down to the end of the street and you will find one of my favorite places! The Tolkein café! Mmmm. The place is great. Good drinks, comfy chairs, nice dark almost-gothic-but-not-quite-atmosphere if you like LOTR and relaxing, and the service is wonderful – at least when I was there. There are seats inside and outside by old waxy candles and trees. Very nice. We frequented the place, and got to know the people who worked there. They were really nice people. That always makes a big difference. If you are tired of walking, there is a quick way to get back down to the new part of town, the alternate way of getting up there, too. A few blocks west of Jelacic Trg, there is a Funicular – a tram car which runs on tracks up and down. For a few Kuna (Currency!) you can save your feet a few steps! Or just get a friend to give you a piggyback ride – that is always good too;)

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