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Oh so much lit homework!

Well, this weekend I read Murakami Haruki's Wind-up Bird Chronicle. Took me the whole weekend! And today for homework I read an article about it...for my critical essay Wednesday...and I need to write an outline for my thesis...

Wow I have more literature homework than my brain can handle. Ick.

In good news, theatre class today was very amusing!
We watched some Kyogen plays. I must say, the play called 'Mushrooms' was hilarious :3 The priest was asked to help a local kill the mushroom popping up in his yard. He tried but the mushrooms kept multiplying and ran about on stage with those rice-paddy hats XD In the end the priest ran off stage and the mushrooms chased after him :p teehee It was so cute! I want to see the whole thing, now...

What other news is there? Well, nothing new in Chinese or Japanese. Oh we did discuss メロンパン in class today...^^ Work was average I suppose. Servo was as could be expected.

Right now all I want to do is chill out and explore the fun stuff on my computer (or play tetris) but I must 頑張って勉強! Next on the list is the essay and outline for my thesis...Hiromasa! XD Well, stuff related to him anyway :p

Random fact for the day: did anyone but me notice that the flute Hiromasa plays in the movie is just like the Hafutatsu from manga vol. 6 or the Jikkinsho? (or maybe I said this before?) I told this to Sengiku sensei and he found that rather random, but amusing.
He must think I am nuts :p Prolly many people do! Actually, the sophmores seem to think I am unreasonably peaceful...? One told me to email him if I ever got the urge to yell at someone or pick an argument, because he said that he would laugh uncontrollably at how out-of-character it would be for me. O.o Hmmm.
I guess he is right, but I am not sure what I do about that...?

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