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Nice weekend

The weekend was pretty nice, even if I felt like I was half asleep through it.

Friday was class and Noh day. In the evening 2 of my fellow group members raided Breidenbaugh hall and practiced dancing/chanting. It was a fun/funny experience. The rest of the day is a blur - I think I worked on my EZBorrow book about Heian Secular tales...

Saturday I did my theatre reading while sitting on my brown-moss green rug and listening to Sarah Harmer. What can I say, it was a nice day outside - sunny, kinda warm - and so I took it easy as if it were a summer afternoon. Yes, I wouldn't have known it was nice except that we had a fire-alarm for which we all gathered outside in front of the house^^ So I am grateful for the burnt toast! :D
That night I read the uber-dull article on bunraku (even though tempted by Jaws on the history channel on the big TV down the hall! will power!) and printed many Onmyouji fan art pictures and stuck them to my wall. They are a bit crooked, but otherwise, add color to the white of my room :)
Also, before going to bed I paniced at the amount of work that remained to be done, so I stayed up late working diligently at Chinese >_<

Sunday was a sleepy day. I was tempted not to change out of my pajamas. The rest of my homework got done - Japanese essay reading in the early portion of the day, thesis work (typing in notes from all the various books I have...) and more Chinese took up the rest of the day. Servo had Thanksgiving style filling/stuffing and peanut butter pie today, which made me happy^^ But I am now feeling very hungry again T_T I don't have any healthy food in my room to eat!
Oh, something strange happened to me today. I woke up with a start out of some boring dream where I felt guilty for arguing with someone or something like that, and the whole day I have felt this drowsy undercurrent of dissatisfaction... It is really, really odd. O_o;
Also, my dad is really sick today so I am praying he feels better soon ;_; I don't know how he made it through church...and he has a funeral coming up this week, too. Uwaa~

Exciting news of the day: sasugabooks finally got volume 12 and 13 of Onmyouji! And now I shall own them, too XD This makes me very happy! *cackle*

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