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Back to work

My Thanksgiving Break was definately busy...What did I do?
I got home Tuesday night and played Red Faction II with Matt and rested. Wednesday I went to the chiropracter, played more RFII and went to the church service in the evening. Thursday was turkey dinner. That day was shot - in a very good way, though. Yum. I ate more than anyone else. I just kept snitching desserts and muffins...mmmmm. Friday was the start of some homework and also watching the Mummy with Matt - more video games of course and some Metal Gear Solid II. Saturday was my visit to Nichole's. We played Resident Evil and more Resident Evil and then watched a movie. Today was my big return back here to Gettysburg. I did get in more hw, RFII and MGSII earlier.
In Metal Gear Solid Two I: survived Fortune, beat Fatman after freaking out and nearly giving up, and then talked to Ames and sunk the Harrier Jet fightin: "He got my eye!" -Solidus. I have to find the President next, but I don wanna -he is scary (LAISSEZ-FAIRE="hands off" PLEASE!!). Shell 2 is much less familiar to me than Shell 1 was. But then again, MGSI I know like the back of my hand and the second game is still new to me. I miss Sniper Wolf and Psycho Mantis.
I love it, but I had more fun playing Capture the Flag with Matt and the bots (computer players). The controls for RF are so much nicer, and the scene equals an outright melee-massive mess!! Yay! Funfunfun! No sneaking and being stealthy but just face in face combat with huge guns. I enjoyed myself!! I liked standing guard at base with the rail gun, and then charging with the rocket launcher into the enemy base. The bots were for the most part useless..they just set me and Matt on fire and ran around the bottom of our base with the flag *sighs and rolls eyes*
Now we are watching the Grinch. I still have to review for class tomorrow early in the morning. I had better get back to work.
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